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New Year Resolutions

Updated: May 3

New Year, New You? How many of you start out with the best intentions with New Year's Resolutions, that fall to the wayside before the end of January (or sooner)?

Every year it's the same old promises: diet, exercise, save money, health, well being, bucket list trips, on and on with things we promise ourselves we will do, but never really get around to, or just came seem to commit to for more than a few weeks... and then there's the tired old joke of, "my new Year's Resolution is no more Resolutions"

If the past few years of Covid/post Covid craziness has done anything, besides raising my awareness of how fragile mental health (my own included) can be, it has been to make me keenly aware that taking care of myself is important. (I have a separate Blog post coming about this soon)

For me, "taking care of myself" this year will include a hard push to make my little Handcrafted Jewelry business more (or actually?) profitable so I can stop beating myself up over "chasing a dream" and actually start LIVING THE DREAM. I have a whole "village" of people/family who support me. Now I just need to navigate my way through all of the technical stuff that I have procrastinated learning, and welcome my business into the technology age.

It's not that I can't learn it, it's just that the petulant child that lives inside me, kicks the dirt and says pouting, "I don't wanna." It's not fun for me, it takes time away from my bench and my sea glass and tools, and shiny things. But it's important. I welcome all of your tips, tricks and advice on photographing products, posting online, and growing my business. In return for your help and support, I promise to shout out your businesses, offer discounts or specials, and just really help build a community of fun and supportive small business owners and followers.

Let me know what some of your Resolutions or Goals are for this year, and what you need to achieve them also. And just for fun, tell me some of your epic fails of past resolutions... Mine has been "Im going to finally build that website" for over 3 years now

It's time... and I'm counting on you for encouragement, and accountability (we all need a swift kick in the ass once in a while)

Happiest of Holidays to All of you!


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