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Creative Procrastinators Unite!

Updated: May 3

I'm overwhelmed by Christmas Clutter! Actually it's much worse, but let's just stick with that. My studio space, 1/2 of a two car garage (although my husband will tell you it's more like 3/4) went to hell the last few months, as I finished up my (very cold) last out door shows of the season, I piled boxes and crates on top of my work benches, promising I'd come back to sort it out and put it where it belongs. And I'm a chronic procrastinator...

Some might call me a non-starter, I have all of the brilliant ideas and greatest intentions but get stuck like a deer in head lights, when it comes time to take action sometimes. It's almost like (no, it is totally like ) I just work better under pressure. Deadlines? They are my motivators, but then I put so much pressure on myself that I make my family cranky, I stop taking care of myself (and essentially them) for a couple of weeks before each big event so I can spend all of my time doing what I love while questioning EVERY SINGLE TIME, why I do this to my self. I mean, granted, some of my absolute best work has come at the 11th hr:

but so too, have some of my most epic (yet sometimes hilarious) fails:

So... I need more deadlines. I'm going to strive to challenge myself and retrain my brain/creative processes into believing that there's a better way. I'm going to now impose deadlines on myself for every aspect of my business. designing...creating... fabricating, clean up pieces... set stones... final polish... pictures... social media posting... I know there's a lot more to this list I'm forgetting, but the more I add, the more overwhelming it starts to feel. It's the pictures and the posting that send me down my torturous spiral, derailing me every damn time. I'm not good at that stuff... Sigh, Deep breath in, out, in... chocolate. Oh look, something shiny to distract me... but more about that in my next post.

And look: I'll be making some pretties from these very soon:

Peace and Much LOVE to all of you, especially my fellow procrastinators! (you all know who you are)

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